Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why do so many women throw in the HOTNESS towel at 40?

All too often I hear other wives moan and groan about their inattentive husbands, their unappreciated role as mom, societal expectations, etc. And all too often the complainer's hotness is negligible. Embedded in this whining, if you listen carefully, is more often than not insecurity. Well, I have a fairly simple solution. Be HOT. When you lose your hotness-forgo Hanky Pankys for granny pants, sleep in sweats or boxers and a grungy t-shirt, you have let go of the one thing you CAN control. Your hot factor. Looking good is EVERYTHING. I don't care what the granola munchers say about bucking society and feeling good from the inside-all this would come much easier if you were HOT to begin with.

Nowadays, it is just not that difficult to up your hotness factor. If you begin with sleeping in a slip or short nightie, you instantly feel sexier. For years I wore my husband's white t-shirts that he wears under his office garb. Looking back now I cannot believe how UN-sexy that was. Hitting Victoria's Secret for some sexy yet extra supportive bras is a worthy investment. A good shaped bra changes your entire outline. Get a sharp hair cut and COLOR. I mean, come on, and stop wearing yoga pants every day. I know they are comfortable and CAN be flattering, but day after day, you become a non-entity, dimensionless, expected.
Botox is an easy fix, and surprisingly inexpensive. For a few hundred bucks you can erase 10 years. No, it is not a perfect science yet-moderation is key and a skilled hand essential.
A comment I hear often from my man is, YA, but you're HOT. It always goes back to that. I can be deep, introspective, caring, charitable, funny, etc. but NOTHING gets more press than my hotness. By the way, you have to also BELIEVE that in some way all of your efforts are resulting in hotness for the package to be complete. If you start with the physical it is amazing how the insecurity piece becomes a thing of the past.

So, all of you women out there, 40 or above or below, take a moment to check in with popular culture, peruse the ridiculous mags and look at women and how they are aging. It is like freakin Benjamin Button. Get on the band wagon, one step at a time, and get HOT. You will be amazed on how your life shapes up.
More on how to up your hot factor in my next blog. Oh, and PLEASE let me know how I can help you to transform your look with small, easy steps to hotness bliss. Send me a picture and I will send you free tips!

Hotfully yours,
Culture Girl